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  • Welcome to
    Gujarat University Library

    Established in 1951. The Gujarat
    University is largest and oldest university of
    the Gujarat state.

  • Gujarat University Library

    Established in 1951. The Gujarat
    University is largest and oldest university of
    the Gujarat state.

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Dr. Neerja A Gupta

Vice-Chancellor of the Gujarat University


Greetings from Gujarat University!
I thank all the stakeholders, associates and well-wishers of Gujarat University family for the warm welcome. I feel proud and humbled to be honoured

Vice-Chancellor of the Gujarat University

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about Gujarat University Library

The Gujarat University Library was established in 1951.Right from a modest beginning in the year 1951 with 1,700 books and 170 periodicals in the temporary building & Transferred from temporary to Existing New Building in 1967. The architectural and structural building of the library is like an open book. There are 4 floors in the building with a large basement of stack area and a reading center.

Gujarat University has established one of Largest University Library System across the State that indeed plays a vital role in the acquisition and dissemination of academic and research information to meet the present and future needs of the University.

  • Provide our users fair and equitable access to a range of information and learning resources.
  • Facilitate our users an easy access to the collections, resources and services.
  • Provide resources and services to support teaching and research of university community.
  • Provide our users adequate space for study, research and learning.
  • Provide our users guidance on the selection and use of resources for teaching, learning and research.
  • Treat our users with courtesy and respect.
  • Keep our users updated regularly on the services that we offer and communicate with our stakeholders promptly and effectively.
  • Provide tailored information literacy and skills development sessions to enhance student learning.
  • Empower our users to be an independent learner.
  • Continually evaluate and improve our services by taking comments, suggestions and other feedback from user community.
  • Make maximum use of all resources and services of the Library.
  • Take care of all Library materials, including books, journals, computers and other equipment.
  • To treat other users and library staff with respect and courtesy, and to behave in a considerate and appropriate manner.
  • Return books on time so that other users have the chance to read them.
  • Respect the library environment and keep noise to a minimum at all times.
  • Help keep the Library premises clean and organised.
  • Take responsibility for complying with copyright law when using any of the Library’s resources, whether printed or electronic.
  • Become active user for improving library collections and services by providing continuous feedback to us.
  • Make use of mobile phones and other gadgets without causing disturbance to other users and library environment.


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Our Resources

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Information Services of Gujarat University

  • User Orientation
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Syllabus & Transcript Service
  • Plagiarism Checking Service
  • Gujarat University Publication Sale Counter
  • University Granth Nirman Board Books Sale Counter
  • Remote Xs For Scholarly Access
  • Other Services

Various Departments of Library

  • Check Counter
  • News Paper Section
  • Rare Book Collection Section
  • New Arrivals section
  • Circulation Section
  • Online Public Access Catalogue & E- Resources Access Lab
  • Journals Section
  • Administrative & Technical Section
  • Reference Section
  • Technical Process Lab
  • Acquisition Section
  • Reading Section of Central Library
  • Bound volume Section
  • Ph.D. Scholar Research Cubicles
  • Jane-Nigel Gifted Books Collection Section
  • Braille & Mahvir Jain Special Resource Section
  • Department of Library & Information Science